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All Hands on Deck Campaign to End Chronic Homelessness


Our strategy: to develop a multi-sector 

community coalition  framework to address and end chronic homelessness in partnering communities. 

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Impact of Chronic Homelessness


  • Humanitarian Suffering 

  • Moral/Ethical/Spiritual

  • Community Conscience

  • Community Health

  • Safety


General Population Average Annual Cost Per Unsheltered Individual: $36k

60+ Age Population Average Annual Cost Per Unsheltered Individual: $175k 

Desired Outcomes of Working Together to End Chronic Homelessness

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1. Chronic homelessness in partnering cities and communities will become rare, resulting in a healthier and safer community for everyone.

2. By development and execution of the Multi Sector Team Coalition method, community members will:

  • Have opportunity for constructive input.

  • Corporate solution discovery.

  • Community team building.  

  • Joint ownership of sustainable solutions. 


Additionally, community members will gain a better understanding of ways to address other community problems resulting in an improved sense of unity within the community.

Ending Chronic Homelessness Goals


Chronic Homelessness in partnering communities will become rare as evidenced by a 60% reduction of persons experiencing chronic homelessness while becoming housed along with supportive services

within three years. 


Phase Two: Building upon the strategic framework developed in Phase One to further reduce chronic homelessness an additional 20% in partnering communities. 

Phase Three: Continuing to build upon Phase One and Two pressing forward to achieve a 100% end to chronic homelessness in partnering communities. 

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Method and Time Frames

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Sector Team Development Phase 

1. Vision casting, recruitment and selection of Sector Team Quarterbacks and 8-10 Sector Team members.

Team Building-Discovery Phase

1. “All Hands On Deck’' Campaign kickoff luncheon. 

2. Monthly individual Sector Team meetings information gathering and goal setting. 

3. Monthly coalition wide Sector Team information sharing luncheons. 

4. Sector Team assignments acceptance and development each month.

Implementation Phase

1. Sector Teams will have clearly defined goals, assignments and roles with agreed upon

objectives, reporting out assignment progress at monthly coalition meetings.

2. Prioritization and implementation of comprehensive “Game Plan”.

3. Learn, refine, adapt, advance and celebrate the wins!

Image by Takashi Watanabe

Learn More:

To learn more about bringing All Hands on Deck to your city or community, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch! 

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