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Mobile Access Partnership (MAP)

Mobile Access Partnership: Welcome

Taking comprehensive services to the unsheltered homeless through innovative multi-agency collaboration.

Mobile Access Partnership: About Us

Why is MAP important?

MAP is a collaborative approach to providing mobile access to medical, social. and behavioral health services for Topeka's unsheltered homeless population, as well as those whose living/housing situation is precarious. MAP expands the work that partnering agencies are doing to give at-risk adults and families a hand-up as they seek to move forward. MAP operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the community. MAP is a division of Compassion Strategies Inc. a 501(c)3 not-for-profit. 

Contributions may be sent to: Compassion Strategies, PO Box 8626, Topeka KS 66608


Valeo Behavioral Healthcare - Mobile Shower and Laundry Trailer

Valeo's Mobile Shower and Laundry Trailer at MAP may be the only chance the unsheltered have to shower in days or even weeks. We believe everyone deserves the health, dignity, and hope a shower can bring. 

Funding for the Mobile Shower and Laundry trailer was provided by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation. 

Topeka Rescue Mission - Mobile Kitchen and Clothing Trailers

Topeka Rescue Mission's mobile kitchen trailer will provide breakfast and lunch for individuals experiencing homelessness. 

TRM's clothing and supply trailer is the mobile unit that houses and provides clothes and other various supplies.


Street Dog Coalition

Street Dog Coalition partners with Kansas State University's Shelter Medicine Program to provide free veterinary care to pets of individuals experiencing homelessness with a One Health approach that values the lives on both ends of the leash.

Shawnee County Health Department

• Resource and Logistical Support
• Evaluation of COVID-19 Situation in Shawnee County
• COVID testing

Image by SJ Objio

Stormont Vail Mobile Clinic

Primary Care services to include:
• Regular check-ups (blood pressure,
diabetes screening, labs), etc.
• Preventive/wellness care (annual
screenings, immunizations, flu shots, care
for on-going chronic conditions), etc.
• Referrals to specialty care as needed.
• Bilingual staff available

Topeka Police Department

City ID Program - The Topeka ID Card Program is designed to bridge the gap for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford or have the proper documentation to apply for a state-issued ID. 

The city-issued Topeka ID cards are free. They can be used to apply for a job through Day Labor Services, apply for residency and more. 

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Get Involved with MAP

To volunteer for MAP, call (785) 730-8856

or sign up at

Questions? Please contact Jenny Falk, Director of MAP Operations at or Aimee Copp-Hasty, Corporate Development Director with Valeo at

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