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Mission Equip Coaching

Purpose: Investing in leaders, “on mission” desiring to enhance their leadership skills by making a positive impact in their community, serving God, influencing others through service and being strategically committed to win “the game,” both on and off the field.

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In the world of sports every successful football team has an effective quarterback (QB), calling the plays and directing the team for successful play execution. Other than in the world of sports this person is the Pastor, Missionary, CEO, President, Founder, Executive Director, Program Director, Chief, Superintendent, Business Owner, Teacher, Leader, Manager, Coordinator, etc.  

Every successful quarterback has an effective committed coach on the sidelines to help the QB to stay in the game regardless of the obstacles and be the best they can be, both on and off the field.  The Mission Equip-Coach helps the QB to identify and refine their mission, design the plays, build the team, execute the run, score of the points and win the game. 

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Mission Equip-Coaching provides a one on one, transparent, confidential, trust based relationship between the coach and the QB/leader to:

1. Identify the mission, see the goal line for self, family, their organization and the potential impact in the community they serve.

2. Discover the obstacles on the way to the goal line and consider necessary endings.

3. Help design the "Game Plan" and develop the playbook.

4. Discover, build and deploy the assets.

5. Explore vision casting strategies to help influence the team and community.

6. Provide guidance and reflection in the execution of the plays.

7. Assist in exploring and identifying potential outcomes.

8. Guide through the Learn-Adapt-Improve model.

9. Encourage giving God the glory, others the credit and celebrate the wins.

10. Encourage the QB to remain focused on the goal line for self, loved ones, organization and community.

11. Encourage QB to never quit, stay "in the game", move the ball forward, maintain balance between God, family and community, grow the organization, influence others and replicate self.

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About the Coach

Mission Equip Coaching Founder, CEO and Coach, Barry Feaker has successfully developed, led and coached multiple community and organizational initiatives for nearly four decades. Some areas of leadership/coaching have included:


  • Multi faceted services for the homeless  

  • Human Trafficking interventions 

  • Hunger relief initiatives  

  • Community safety/crime reduction initiatives  

  • Neighborhood stabilization initiatives  

  • Multi sector community character development initiatives  

  • Governmental  resolution development and execution  

  • Church and ministry outreach program development  

As the past executive director of the Topeka Rescue Mission for 36 years, Barry has served as confidential mentor/coach to numerous leaders in ministries, nonprofits, law enforcement, education, business and government. 

Mission Equip Coaching: About

Want to learn more?

Mission Equip-Coaching invests in a limited number of committed leaders who want to excel in their lives, both on and off the field, desire to honor God and win the game for their loved ones, their organization and the community they have influence in.

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